Extra Special Cracked #3

Globe     December, 1979

Third Spectacular Laugh-Packed Issue; Cracked Flip the Faces Book; Star Wars, Airportí77 parody

Star Warz; The Cracked History of Art; How to Translate Travel Ads; The Cracked Guide to Muscle Development; One Day in a Washington DC School; Tarzanís Abdication; Guest Appearances By Americaís Top Artists; How to Cover Up; A Cracked Look at New York City; Dreamy Acres; A Cracked Look at High School; Cracked Do-It-Yourself Divorce; When the World Runs Out of Food; The Day America Runs Out of Gas; Airplot í77; Cracked Interviews the Writing King; Sagebrush/Knights íní Daze

 John Severin, Howard Nostrand, Charles Rodriguez, Bill Ward

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