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Gives free shipping on orders over $50.00 domestic ($50.00 international)

About Me

Hey comic fans, Thanks for taking a look at my comics for sale. Any questions/ comments, feel free to send them my way.†
†Note for USA and other international shipping: Iíve lowered the free shipping limit to $50. This covers the first 10 comics. Every comic above 10, will cost $0.50 each. Example: 15 comic order will require an additional $2.50 (5 x $0.50). The extra shipping can be sent directly to me via PayPal ( Effective October 22,2016.†
Note for international shipping (excluding the USA): packages will be shipped Surface mail (which means 4 to 8 weeks) unless requested otherwise.

Recent Feedback

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3/17/2018101357 BCole
Order shipped quickly, books in the condition described. I had a hiccup with Canada post but the shipper helped resolve it. Ill be ordering more through GJ. 5*
3/13/2018101812 graxnull
My go to comic book dealer on here hands down!
3/11/201897319 playyer88
Thanks for the great condition comics.
3/9/2018101685 graxnull
Another batch of near mint comics, trust this dealer! Thanks again.
3/6/2018101615 graxnull
This comic was flawless! Thank you.
3/5/2018101412 bigbabysld
thank you
3/2/2018101442 JAbbott
Super-deal! Super-fast! Arrived safe, secure, in listed condition! Excellent!!!