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Hey comic fans, Thanks for taking a look at my comics for sale. Any questions/ comments, feel free to send them my way. 
 Note for USA and other international shipping: I’ve lowered the free shipping limit to $50 for all international buyers. This covers the first 10 comics, however. Every comic above 10, will cost $1.00 each. Example: 15 comic order will require an additional $5.00 (5 x $1.00). The extra shipping can be sent directly to me via PayPal (gjcomics@shaw.ca). Effective - May 1,2018. 
Note for international shipping (excluding the USA): packages will be shipped Surface mail (which means 4 to 8 weeks) unless requested otherwise.

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1/19/2021136044 SZiemba
1/19/2021136239 SZiemba
1/4/2021134455 JVickrey
12/31/2020134301 RStone
12/31/2020132148 SKing451
Excellent service and communication. Books as described. Thank you
12/28/2020135008 JQUINONES
great packaging and got here safe
12/28/2020135473 SZiemba
12/28/2020135682 MOwen
Great Job will order again
12/27/2020135027 CarolB49
Fast shipping. Nice comic. Thanks for getting it here before Christmas. Even though shipping was more expensive since it came from Canada, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from you again.