Dominique: Killzone

 DOMK   (Caliber, 1994)

™ and © 1994 Charles & Lisa Moore

Repo-Woman, Nikki Sinclair has a problem. Although the solution she seeks might actually be worse.

Sinclair’s close friend, Derry, is a drug addict who has made some powerful enemies in his life. But when he crossed drug lord Felton Dupree, he finally went too far. Now his life hangs in the balance as Sinclair is forced to recover over a quarter of a million dollars in cocaine that Derry stole. To do so, she’ll need the help of a childhood friend, Fontaine, who is now one of the most powerful mafia bosses in the South. As the line between wrong and right are blurred, Sinclair is forced to question every allegiance she holds dear. Can she save Derry’s life in time with Fontaine’s help? And if so, what will Fontaine want in return? Reminiscent of other modern crime noir titles such as Goldfish and Jinx, this black and white one-shot includes “an all-star pinup gallery” featuring the main character as an added bonus.

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One-shot; B&WCharles Moore, Lisa MooreCasey Jones, Michael Perkins