(Blackshoe, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Blackshoe Productions

Former Servicenet runner Diaz Gray was being transported to her release site after serving a sentence for murder when her transport ship crashed on Saisir. It is a planet with nothing anyone would want except a colony of peace lovers with their own way of doing things without any outside help. The 19-year old was taken in by the colonists and began trying to figure out why so many dead passengers ended up on the bridge of her ship, and why the Servicenet still wants her, no matter who gets in the way…

Originally conceived as a TV pilot, Sanctum was put together by artists and writers with a film background who wanted to tell a story everyone could appreciate. They succeeded.

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#1 Limited Edition

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Limited edition from 1999 San Diego Comic-ConMike ZittfelMike Zittfel