Scarlet Thunder

 SCAI   (Amaze Ink, 1995-1996)

ô and ©1995 Rick Forgus

(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

This could have been published in 1939 and not looked out of place. Set in that time, itís the story of the two fastest men alive and their quest for glory and the American dream. It focuses on the competition between the two men, with the winner taking the mantle of Scarlet Thunder, before detailing Scarlet Thunderís fight against the Nazis. Dan Vadoís script is full of nostalgia and captures the period innocence, and Rick Forgusís art conveys the dynamism of the characters superbly. ~SS

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1 copy available for $4.52
1st aDan VadoRick Forgus


No copies available
1st apperance Blue StreakDan VadoRick Forgus


1 copy available for $1.50
1st Appearance of Betty Joseph; 1st appearance of Oskar (cameo); 2nd Appearance of Blue StreakDan VadoRick Forgus


No copies available
1st Appearance of Lady Liberty; 1st appearance of Oskar (full); 2nd Appearance of Betty Joseph; Origin of Lady LibertyDan VadoRick Forgus