Savage Tales (1st Series)

 SAT1   (Marvel, 1971-1975)

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Following the successful debut of Conan the Barbarian in its color comics line the year before, Marvel attempted to move to the less-restricted, non-Comic Code arena of the black and white magazine format in 1971. Rated “M For The Mature Reader!” the stories presented here contained slightly more daring themes and partial nudity. The lead feature was a Conan story; “The Frost Giant’s Daughter” adapted by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Barry Smith. Additional features included the first appearance of The Man-Thing and a more brutal, Ka-Zar.

Poor distribution led to the title‘s cancellation after one issue. The magazine was revived in 1973, this time with more success. In 1974, Ka-Zar became the lead feature with Conan headlining a new title, The Savage Sword of Conan. “The Frost Giant’s Daughter” was colored to make some nude scenes appropriate for the color comic and saw print in Conan the Barbarian #16.

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2 copies available from $160.00
1st Appearance of Man-Thing; Origin of Man-Thing; B&W magazineGerry Conway, Roy Thomas, Denny O’Neil, Stan LeeBarry Windsor-Smith, Gene Colan, Gray Morrow, John Buscema, John Romita


3 copies available from $9.50
Crusader reprinted from The Black Knight #1, Cover Painting by John BuscemaRoy Thomas, Robert E. Howard, Gerry Conway, Joe ManeelyBarry Windsor-Smith, Al Williamson, Frank Brunner, Gray Morrow, Bernie Wrightson


5 copies available from $9.50
Continues Red Nails story from issue #2Roy Thomas, Robert E. Howard, Ray Capella, Stan Lee, Jim SterankoBarry Windsor-Smith, John Romita, Al Williamson, Frank Brunner, Jim Steranko, Esteban Maroto


3 copies available from $6.20
 Roy Thomas, Robert E. Howard, Stan LeeNeal Adams, Gil Kane, Diverse Hands, Joe Maneely, Barry Windsor-Smith


3 copies available from $18.00
Conan; Brak: Reprint from Chamber of Chills #2; Ka-Zar: Reprint from Astonishing Tales #9John Jakes, Roy Thomas, Dan Adkins, Stan LeeJim Starlin, Val Mayerik, Dan Adkins, John Buscema


5 copies available from $10.00
Jann: Reprint from Jann of the Jungle #16; Ka-Zar: Reprint from Savage Tales (1st Series) #1Gerry Conway, Len Wein, Stan LeeJohn Buscema, Al Williamson, Steve Gan


5 copies available from $6.50
Ka-Zar; BrakGerry Conway, John Jakes, Doug MoenchJohn Buscema, Steve Gan


5 copies available from $9.99
Ka-Zar; BrakGerry Conway, John Jakes, Doug Moench, Bob WeinbergJohn Buscema, Steve Gan


7 copies available from $4.04
Ka-Zar; Shanna the She-DevilGerry Conway, Carla ConwaySteve Gan


9 copies available from $2.75
Ka-Zar; Shanna the She-DevilGerry Conway, John Jakes, Carla ConwayRuss Heath, Ross Andru


6 copies available from $3.80
 Doug Moench, Archie GoodwinSteve Gan, Russ Heath, Sandy Plunkett

Annual #1

5 copies available from $10.00
Reprints from Astonishing Tales #2-6 and 11; Origin of Ka-Zar; B&WRoy Thomas, Len Wein, Gerry ConwayGil Kane, Steve Gan, Barry Windsor-Smith, Gray Morrow