The Black Heart Irregulars

    (Blue King, 2005)
™ and © Blue King

In Iraq of the near future, an American named Mister Fifty has opened up a small coffee shop, but he’s selling more than coffee. He’s also trying to hire some terrorists, or terrorist wannabes, to destroy some American targets. Or is he? Nothing is as it seems here, since Mister Fifty actually has a military background and is a member of the elite Black Heart Irregulars group. He and his associates are in fact fighting terrorism, although they’ve got a strange way of going about it.

This twisty and dark-humored tale features atypical heroes, gritty espionage, and grim death. If you’re into black ops adventures and not always knowing the good guys from the bad guys, this comic should fit the bill. Neil Hendrick and Ulises Carpintero write and draw this black and white and shadowy tale.

— Andy Richardson

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2 copies available from $3.00
A Boy and Robot: The Book of Fire preview; B&WNeil HendrickUlises Carpintero


2 copies available from $3.00
ca. 2005Neil HendrickUlises Carpintero