Bricktop A1 Special

 BRA9   (Atomeka, 2004)

™ and ©2004 Glenn Fabry and Chris Smith

This black and white title from Atomeka Press, Chris Smith, and Glenn Fabry is not about a young woman who was bitten on the head by a brick–creature and whose head grows redder and more rectangular as she leaps from one adventure to the next. It’s more a slice–of–odd–life series of shorts in which Lucy Wales and her friends go to the movies, encounter a street freak, avoid the police, almost see an alien, get chased by an all-girl motorcycle gang, and destroy a parking structure. Bizarre, fun stuff, indeed, but Fabry’s artwork is stunning.

— Thomas Moudry

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 Glenn Fabry, Chris SmithGlenn Fabry, Chris Smith

#1 Variation A

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San Diego Comic-Con SpecialGlenn Fabry, Chris SmithGlenn Fabry, Chris Smith