My Romantic Adventures? (Avalon)

 MRAA   (Avalon, 1997)

™ and ©1997 Avalon Comics Group

Reprinting some of the greatest, weirdest romance stories of the 1950s, My Romantic Adventures is chock-full of soap opera tales, such as “Love of A Lunatic” in which our heroine goes stark-raving bonkers, but, after a stern talk-cum-public service message from a psychiatrist, recovers and wins her man. Another gem is “It’s Never Too Late to Love” a wildly convoluted tale about a young career gal who takes care of a spoiled niece who grows up to try and steal the older man our heroine loves. And then there’s the superbly goofball “Cupid is a Horse Named Bertram,” a story whose title ought to supply all the plot explication you need. Fans of the genre will find these reprints an inexpensive way to read the stories. But even if romance stories aren’t your bag, give this a look—it’s a howl.

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