Elric (Topps)

    (Topps, 1996)
©1996 P. Craig Russell. Elric™ and Stormbringer™ Michael Moorcock

P. Craig Russell adapts Neil Gaiman’s 1994 prose story “One Life— Furnished in Early Moorcock” into comics form in this Elric special. Twelve-year-old British student Richard Grey is obsessed with the works of Michael Moorcock. The Elric books provide Richard with a rich and rewarding fantasy world that he cannot find in his real life. The Elric books define Richard’s existence, and inform Richard’s developing imagination, and his inchoate spiritual and sexual life.

P. Craig Russell’s adaptation is beautiful and Gaiman’s prose eloquently relates the emotional attachment science fiction and fantasy has on us. This is a heartfelt story, a perfect tribute to the quality of Moorcock’s creations, and it may be overlooked in the flood of Gaiman-related material. (The title is a takeoff of Harlan Ellison’s 1970 story, “One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty.”)

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