Omni Comix

 OMNC   (Bob Guccione, 1995)

™ and © Bob Guccione

In 1995, Omni Magazine created Omni Comix in an attempt to bring science fiction comics to the forefront of the industry. The first issue was attached as a supplement to the March 1995 issue of Omni and featured stories which combined both comics and prose fiction to tell classic sci-fi tales.

In the story “High Guard,” American astronauts pilot an experimental rocket in a race against time to beat Russia to the moon. The tale “Mission to Mars” follows the adventures of an unlikely group of adventurers who plan to journey to Mars to investigate a strange monument discovered on the surface of the red planet. The unique combination of both prose and comics makes for an interesting read, and fans of science fiction literature will enjoy the high adventure and mysterious governmental conspiracies that permeate these stories.

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5 copies available from $1.25
Mar ’95 issue of Omni insertedGeorge Caragonne, Tom ThorntonAndrew Robinson, Bob Wiacek, Dave Elliott, Mark Texeira, Paris Cullins


No copies available
Insert in Apr. ’95 issue of Omni with Omni Comix #2 cover  


1 copy available for $7.00
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents story; Larry Niven’s Ringworld Throne is mostly a text piece with various artists providing one page Tech illustrationsGeorge Caragonne, Tom Thorton, Larry Niven, Mark McClellanPaul Gulacy, Dave Gibbons, Paris Cullins, Tomm Coker, Andrew Robinson, Jerry Paris, Dave Johnson, Boris Vallejo, Mike Mignola, Cam Kennedy, Walt Simonson, Richard Corben, Gil Kane, Eliot Brown, Syd Mead, John Berkey, Steve Ditko, Tim Hildebrandt, George Krauter