High Voltage

    (Blackout, 1996)
and 1996 Blackout Comics Inc.

By the dawn of the 21st century, nearly all lawyers have been rounded up and exterminated. Those who survive become an even more ruthless form of post-apocalyptic attorney. And the best of these is the delicious and deadly Veronica Voltage. Armed with oversized weaponry and cleavage to match, Voltage delivers her own brand of litigation, evading sex-hungry judges and busting clients out of jail as she goes.

Artist Brock L. Hor Jrs (Adventures of Superman Annual #6, Jugular #0) style conveys a raw but appealing sexiness to the tawny Voltage. Meanwhile, writer Mike Baron (Nexus, Badger) delivers a pulp-style futuristic fantasy that has all the action and violence of a post-apocalypse saga, and all the cynical humor of an elaborate lawyer joke.

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 Mike BaronBrock L. Hor Jr.