Deadpool Team-Up

 DETU   (Marvel, 1998)

ô and ©1998 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Deadpool has been hired to save a life? In this Sanctuary-type teamup, a Yakuza boss has created a midget-sized, yet deadly Deadpool clone known as Widdle Wade. After Widdle Wade brutally murders a Yakuza lieutenant, the little assassin goes after Wade Wilsonís former sumo wresting coach.

Japanese culture plays a stong role in building the plot. For instance, families are bound by their shared belief in reputation, obligation, and responsibility, as well as various religious and societal values that stress honor, courage, and politeness. When selfish men pervert the tenets to serve their own dubious intentions, innocent as well as not-so-innocent people become cultural outcasts. And Deadpool doesnít know that when these values become more important than friendship, everyone loses.

As you read the series, pay close attention, since almost every panel includes some tongue-in-cheek humor.

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