Dark Realm

 DNLE   (Image, 2000-2001)

™ and ©2000 Image Comics, Inc.

The world of gritty cops, ruthless demons and scantily clad women come together again in the pages of Dark Realm, a—you guessed it—Image Comics book. Perfecting the genre with its numerous Spawn properties, the publisher hopes to make lightning strike yet again with this copycat release. But are gruesome fight scenes and double-sized splash pages enough to attract purchasing dollars?

San Francisco police detective Shannon Davenport has been assigned to one of the most gruesome cases in her career—the murder of 36 women, all in their early 20s. The deeper she gets into her investigation, the more she realizes that her involvement is no accident. It seems that the murders are the result of the forces of the Dark Realm—creatures that are looking for The Chosen One to lead them in their war against humanity. Guess what—Davenport is the Chosen One. But as she wages her own war against these demons (turning her back on destiny), she must look for an ally in the most unlikely of places—the Dark Realm itself.

The demon bashing that ensues can be considered old hat by some, ugly art by others. But as long as there are artists willing to model their careers off the success of Spawn, there will be readers to buy their books.

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6 copies available from $0.99
 Eddie Yu, Robert Chong, Joie KimTae-San Chang


4 copies available from $0.96
 Eddie Yu, Robert Chong, Joie KimTae-San Chang


8 copies available from $1.25
Mech Destroyer Prequel flipbookEddie Yu, Robert Chong, Joie KimTae-San Chang


1 copy available for $1.99
 Eddie Yu, Robert Chong, Joie KimR.H. Chun