The Gimoles

    (Alias, 2005)
ô and ©2005 Runemaster Studios

Gimoles are happy little green elves who are responsible for making the world ready for spring: painting the leaves green, teaching birds to sing, etc. But on one fateful Groundhog Day, the Groundhog himself is captured by the fiendish Ichabod Frost, who wants to abolish spring and make it winter forever. The Gimole Chief Raphus consults with the other representatives of the season but ultimately decides to send the brother-and-sister team of Limmy and Mina on a perilous mission to rescue the Groundhog.

What we have here is a more gender-balanced bunch of adolescent Smurfs who become involved in a plot straight out of a Rankin-Bass Christmas special. So there are no points for originality, and, given Chief Raphusí uninspired strategy, itís pretty clear heís never read Sun Tzuís The Art of War.

Still, itís hard to complain about Gimoles. As lightweight as the material is, itís just that pretty, doing a fine job of being the sort of all-ages fantasy comic book that we theoretically want out there for the kids.

ó S.A. Bennett

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