Turok: Child of Blood

    (Acclaim, 1998)
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This one-shot special gives a very unusual take on Turok, the famous dinosaur hunter. In a word, nothing is what it seems to be.

First, this is not the Turok older readers know and love. It’s Josh Fireseed, the nephew of Carl Fireseed, the original Turok. The role of Turok has traditionally been to wage war against the renegade smart dinosaurs that imperil humanity. This Turok, however, sees all-out war with the dinosaurs as futile and needlessly destructive.

Weirder still, Josh is currently working undercover as a dinosaur himself, using a holographic image inducer to masquerade as a member of the Endtrails, and investigate goings-on in the Amaranthine Accordance of dinosaurs.

And then, there are the dinosaurs themselves, who seem to be plotting a palace coup for control of the clan…

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One-shotFabian NiciezaRafael Kayanan