Desert Storm: Send Hussein to Hell!

    (Innovation, 1991)
™ and ©1991 The Innovative Corporation

In “Overkill” Lt. Edwin Matthews is forced to jump into enemy territory due to an aircraft malfunction. As he descends to the war zone he remembers all the dire warnings and foreboding talk from his comrades back at the base. Crazed Iraqi soldiers, deadly chemical weapons and the elite Republican Guard were some of the causes for concern that weighed on his mind as his parachute delivered him to the unknown.

“Overkill,” a six-page story, and a one page gag strip, “Iraqi and Abdulwinkle” (recalling a classic Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon) is the only content that is relative to the title and cover of this 56-page book. The rest is (according to the indicia) “not a reprint—it is a rebinding of existing printed books, with the original covers and staples removed.” The back cover declares that this one shot book was “created to honor our 1991 fighting forces” by offering a sampler of Innovation’s most popular series. “Burn While You Learn” from the first issue of The Justice Machine and “Thick as a Brick” fill out the rest of this transparent attempt to use the fervent patriotism engendered by the Gulf War to promote Innovation’s line of comics.

— George Haberberger

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Volumes are re-bindings of Existing Printed Books, Contents may varyCharles Marshall, Mike W. Barr, Robert M. Ingersoll, David CampitiErnie Stiner, Mary Mitchel, Mark Jones