Hari Kari: Live & Untamed

    (Blackout, 1996)
ô and ©1995 Blackout Comics, Inc.

Kari Sun, the incredible warrior known as Hari Kari, is on a quest to reclaim her soul. A series of traumatic events, including a brutal rape, have shattered Kariís spiritÖliterally. Her psyche has been split into four separate entities, all of which she must seek out and reclaim as her own.

Even as she searches for her lost selves, Kariís enemies are seeking her final defeat. Her nemesis Lord Black has sent his minions to steal Kariís sacred sword, and the mysterious Tormentress has a few plans of her own.

Her enemies are the least of Kariís problems, for the first part of her journey forces her to face her own inner bestiality, the savagery that is a part of the warrior she was trained to be.

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