(Blackthorne, 1987)
™ and © 1987 Blackthorne Publishing Inc.

All the amphibious Rivit wants is a vacation, a chance to get “that dark green tan that drives the chicks wild.” But if all he got was a vacation, this black-and-white one-shot from Blackthorne Publishing wouldn’t be the rollicking adventure that it is. It seems that Rivit must retrieve an atomic bomb before it causes widespread destruction. Will Rivit be successful in his efforts? Will he get his tan? Find out in this radically varied effort.

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 Leiulf Clausen, William Clausen, Marvin NelsonAlice Clausen, Clayt Moore, Jim McDivit, John Dooley, Leiulf Clausen, Marilyn Draving, Marvin Nelson, Michael Kelley, Richard Johnson, William Clausen