Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales

 BLPT   (Black Swan, 1996-1997)

and Black Swan Press

Not every character in comics is a tights-wearing super-hero or mutant monster bent on destroying the universe as we know it. Some guys just want to have fun, raping and pillaging while sailing the seven seas in search of treasure and adventure. Black Swan Press brings us a little bit of history thrown in with tales of adventure, Long John Silver-style. Not since the days of Piracy, Buccaneers, and Seven Seas Comics have we been exposed to these bloodthirsty cutthroats and their wenching ways.

Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales also included a continuing biography of Blackbeard, the notorious Edward Teach himself, as well as smaller articles ranging from the true story of rum to the history of pirate comics through the years.

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Blackbeard; B&W; ca. Fall 1993 Richard Becker


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Fall 1996  


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Spring 1997N. Authur Johnson, Richard BeckerN. Authur Johnson, Richard Becker


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Winter 1997  


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Summer 2000 (final issue); Back cover by R. Becker; B&W Richard Becker