(Atlas, 1975)
ô and ©1975 Atlas Comics, published by Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.

Adam Lucardís story began in another age, when the legendary vampire Dracula rescued a woman from being burned at the stake as a witch. He had intended to drain the womanís life when he noticed her birthmark. As fate would have it, the woman was his fourth cousin.

The woman offered to bear him an heir if he would let her live. Dracula agreed, and nine months later, their son was born. But on that day, the woman deserted Dracula, hiding their son from him so that he need not share his curse. Eventually, Dracula caught up to her, but she was able to pass off the boy to another and take her own life before he could exact his revenge. Now grown, this son of Dracula is Adam Lucard, a college professor. The boy leads a relatively normal life, though he must always wear a cross when he sleeps, or risk turning into a vampire.

Fright was a one-shot horror title from Atlas Comics.

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