Mysterymen Stories

 MYS0   (Bob Burden, 1996)

ô and © 1996 Bob Burden

This 1996 title was the text and illustration introduction for the Mystery Men title, later published by Dark Horse. The Strangler is a boorish and brutal crimefighter garbed in a Ku Klux Klan hood, used by author Bob Burden to ask questions about the morality of the vigilante. While accepting the story as deliberately having a darker tone than Burdenís better known work, it is difficult to make that leap when the accompanying illustrations are in Burdenís inimitable eccentric style. Even more problematical is Burdenís limited talent for prose, compounded by constant basic punctuation and spelling errors. Since this is a high-priced limited edition, readers are warned away.

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Summer 1996; Prose story with illustrations; B&WBob BurdenBob Burden