Batman/Grendel (1st Series)

    (DC, 1993)
ô and ©1993 DC Comics Inc., Comico the Comics Company, and Matt Wagner

Things have been much too quiet for Grendel lately, so he goes to Gotham City in search of a challenge. Intrigued by that cityís protector, Batman, he launches an involved plot to draw him out.

Grendelís plot runs true to his cunning nature. Posing as the Riddler, he seeks to interfere with Bruce Wayneís shipment of the ancient Sphinx head. But while Batman is not fooled by Grendelís Riddler impersonation, he has no idea what a deadly foe Grendel truly is.

Devilís Riddle brings Grendel into the DC universe for the first time. As expected, itís an exciting showdown when this dark assassin meets the Dark Knight.

Note: the second issue of this series reversed titles, becoming ďGrendel/Batman: Devilís Masque.Ē

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Prestige formatMatt WagnerMatt Wagner

#1 Ashcan Edition

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Red Background; Has Hero Premier #2 on backMatt WagnerMatt Wagner

#1 Gold Foil

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Gold Edition Ash CanMatt WagnerMatt Wagner

#1 Silver Edition

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Silver Edition; Hero Premiere EditionMatt WagnerMatt Wagner


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Index title: Grendel/Batman: Devilís Masque; Prestige format, cover indicates Grendel/BatmanMatt WagnerMatt Wagner

Book #1

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Collects Batman/Grendel (1st Series) #1-2 and Batman/Grendel (2nd Series) #1-2Matt WagnerMatt Wagner

Book #1 Limited Edition

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Limited Edition Hardcover; Collects Batman/Grendel (1st Series) #1-2 and Batman/Grendel (2nd Series) #1-2; Signed and Numbered by Matt WagnerMatt WagnerMatt Wagner

Collector's Set #1 Variation A

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Prestige format; Contains #1 & #2; Autographed by Matt Wagner; Includes COAMatt WagnerMatt Wagner