CLO5   (Image, 2004)

™ and ©2004 Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti

A noble scientist teams up with a noble savage to thwart corporate–sponsored slaughter on the remote desert planet Brosain. Lauren Moore designed the rain–making terraforming machine called Cloudburst with idealistic intentions. Unfortunately, her corporate sponsors have a greater interest in the bottom line and have directed Lauren’s paramilitary escort to exterminate Brosain’s human inhabitants. Moore revolts and comes into contact with Will Arkan, a lone warrior spoken of in whispers by Brosain’s natives. The two have their hands full dealing with Moore’s former colleagues and now Cloudburst has brought to the surface the subterranean Ophidians. Will anyone survive the attack of the ferocious carnivores?

— Leland Burrill

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 Justin Gray, Jimmy PalmiottiChristopher Shy, Eliseu Zeu Gouveia