Balder the Brave

    (Marvel, 1985-1986)
ô and ©1985 Marvel Entertainment Group

Thorís friend, Balder, was the bravest of warriors, a skilled fighter that could be touched by no weapon unless he allowed it. He had only two weaknesses: Mistletoe, and his love for Karnilla, the Norn Queen. The first of these had caused his death once, but in the world of Asgard, death is not always forever. Balder returned from Helaís realm, and as this series begins, was living with Karnilla in Nornkeep.

Karnilla was a powerful sorceress, as well as a prideful woman. Nevertheless, she loved Balder greatly. So, when a rider came to ask Balder to join Thorís quest to save mortal souls unjustly trapped in Helaís realm, she had the rider imprisoned before his message could be delivered. In time, however, Balder discovered her deception, and resolved to take up Thorís quest. Balder, who knew its terrors firsthand, was about to venture back into HelÖ

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Story continues in Thor Vol. 1 #360-362Walt SimonsonSal Buscema


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