Obergeist: The Empty Locket

    (Image, 2002)
™ and © Image Comics, Inc.

This story acts as a prequel to the original “Obergeist” mini-series, Ragnarok Highway and gives readers a glimpse into the origins of the series’ main character, the redemption-seeking Jurgen Steinholtz. Where the original series started in a WWII Nazi concentration camp, this series finds Jurgen in the middle of World War I trench warfare. Injured in battle, the medic returns to Dresden, Germany to wed his sweetheart and discovers that the war damaged him in ways he never realized. Readers are given more answers as to why Jurgen became part of the Nazi war machine and how far he fell before his eventual redemption in Ragnarok Highway. Stark black-and-white artwork by Tony Harris (Starman) adds a stunning and atmospheric touch to this dark tale of a broken man.

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