(DC, 1990)
™ DC Comics, ©1990 Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel

Chase Darrow is the Breathtaker in this four-part series by writer/painter Mark Wheatley (Mars) and penciler Marc Hempel (Sandman). Chase is a woman whose love is so pure that any man would die to possess it. The trick is, dying is exactly what happens when Chase does love you. You age as a result, eventually dying happily, but far before your time. For her part, Chase is really a very sweet girl who can’t imagine a worse fate for either her or her lovers. But thanks to the government experiment that made her what she is, she continually feels a need—a need to share her deadly love.

When millionaire Paul Raymond dies due to Chase’s deadly embrace, she finds herself pursued by the world’s first actual superhuman, “The Man.” A crass, self-absorbed blowhard, he is in many ways Chase’s mirror-opposite. And when these two opposites finally meet, the results are explosive!

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1st Appearance of Breathtaker; 1st Appearance of The ManMark WheatleyMarc Hempel, Kathryn Mayer


9 copies available from $0.99
 Mark WheatleyMarc Hempel


7 copies available from $0.99
Origin of BreathtakerMark WheatleyMarc Hempel


3 copies available from $1.50
 Mark WheatleyMarc Hempel

Book #1

2 copies available from $10.00
Reprints Breathtaker #1-4 with new pages; Introduction by Neil GaimanMark Wheatley, Neil GaimanMarc Hempel

Book #1 (2nd printing)

No copies available
Reprint by Titan, circa 2015Mark WheatleyMarc Hempel