Gall Force: Eternal Story

    (CPM, 1995)
©1995 CPM Comics. Original story ©1986 MOVIC/Sony Video Software International

This four-issue mini-series tells the story of the crew of The Star Leaf. They were fighters for the Solnoid forces in their millennia-long war against their enemies, the Paranoid. After thousands of years of fighting, the War had reached a frightening endgame where both races prepared to launch weapons capable of destroying each other’s homeworlds.

The six-woman crew find themselves stranded after a terrible battle which left their ship’s lightspeed jump generator damaged. They also acquired an unexpected seventh crew member, Lufy, who was forced to emergency land her crippled fighter plane on The Star Leaf. Unfortunately, this hotheaded pilot clashes badly with Rabby, the second-in command of The Star Leaf, and the crew’s “older sister” figure. In addition, another crew member, Catty, seems not to be what she appears. Meanwhile, the Paranoid forces are closing around them for the kill…

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