The Circle Weave: Apprentice to a God

    (Abalone, 1995)
™ and © 1995 its respective creators

These are the adventures of Morrim, a living god, and Rowan, his young student. Very reminiscent of the Star Wars mythology, the world of Morrim and Rowan is one of confusion, unrest, and religious wars. Powerful Morrim is a voice of reason in his world, and is very unpopular with the general population, especially with the archbishops of the church named for him. He is a representative of right, good, and morals that do not change with the times. His enemies are not.

There is much fighting and carnage as Morrim and Rowan flee from the villains trying to take away Morrim’s powers, and there is much furious action as they outwit their pursuers. In their quest, Morrim and Rowan manage to find friends to their cause. However, all characters in this book have agendas. The challenge is to figure out who is on the side of whom.

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