Zombie War: Earth Must Be Destroyed

 ZWED   (FantaCo, 1993)

™ and ©1993 Kevin B. Eastman and Tom Skulan

This four-issue series is the sequel to Zombie War. In that series, an alien being took revenge on Earth by raising its military dead and turning them into an army of zombies. These zombies spread destruction everywhere, until the alien was induced to create Cytoxin, a formula which destroys the zombies. Oh, and New York City had to be nuked as well.

Now, years later, the alien, a human pilot named Jina Lee, and a squad of warriors have been given the duty of searching down and destroying the remaining zombies. Their efforts are being undermined, however, by the Cyton corporation—the company with the exclusive rights to producing Cytoxin. Sales for the toxin were in the trillions of dollars, but at the same time Cyton was producing Cytoxin, it was also busy reversing the formula to allow them to create their own zombies. These zombies were being unleashed deliberately, further driving up the sales of Zytoxin!

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B&WJim Whiting, Kevin Eastman, Tom SkulanJim Whiting

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