Legends from Darkwood: High Times and Small Crimes

 LFDC   (Antarctic, 2005)

™ and © Antarctic Press

Legends from Darkwood introduced a world full of the magical effects and mythical creatures expected in a good fantasy story. What it doesn’t show are brave heroes on noble quests, or savagely Evil armies quashed by stalwart forces of Good, or even romantic maidens-in-distress saving their virtue for Prince Charming. No, Darkwood is a gritty, tarnished and, ultimately, more real version of the typical land of make-believe, where the aforementioned maidens use their virginity to entrap hapless unicorns to supply the local Kwick-Unicorn-Burger (now with drive-thru!).

But even as the tactlessly-named Unicorn Town suffers the retaliatory wrath of a vengeful fire-breathing unicorn, down-and-out rock stars-turned-thieves Mr. Spike and Casper, along with their dead pal Atlas, attempt the biggest heist of their mostly pathetic criminal careers… all in an effort to rekindle the flames of their former celebrity lifestyles.

— Jerry Smith

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 John Kantz, Chris Reid, Jason-Shane SamediJohn Kantz, Jason-Shane Samedi