Ki-Gorr the Killer

    (AC, 1995)
™ Americomics, ©1995 AC Comics

Ki-Gorr is a jungle hero who lives in a primitive land hidden from civilization by steep cliffs and clouds of mist rising from volcanoes. Together with his leopard-skin-clad mate, Raa, Ki-Gorr strives to maintain the integrity of his domain and protect the natives from the outsiders who somehow keep finding this hidden jungle. The similarities to Marvel’s Ka-Zar, are more apparent than other jungle characters due to the “Hidden Land” aspect but Ka-Zar predates Ki-Gorr by virtue of having appeared in the first Marvel comic, Marvel Mystery Comics.

AC Comics publisher Bill Black, who is adept at reviving obscure characters, reprinted Ki-Gorr’s decades-old adventures in 1995. Also included in this title was Bob Powell’s Cave Girl, another white, blonde, lithesome woman living in the African jungle.

— George Haberberger

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