The Apparition

 APPA   (Caliber, 1996)

Art ©1996 Gene Gonzales; Story ©1996 James Pruett

The horror of child molestation is the background for this series featuring angels and demons. Young adult Tammie has nightmares of the sexual abuse she endured from her father. Her boyfriend Ed, the survivor of an alcoholic mother himself, seeks advice from a minister, Dr. Martin, to help Tammie overcome the trauma. But Tammie has discovered her own method of coping: one that involves summoning her guardian angel through a “ spiritual grounding.” This information seems to alarm the minister and hints at some greater conflict.

When the ritual to invoke her spectral comforter instead delivers something entirely different, kindly Dr. Martin intervenes. But he, too, is something other than he first appeared to be…

— George Haberberger

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