The Golden Plates

    (AAA Pop, 2004-2005)
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Volume One: The Sword of Laban and The Tree of Life is Allred’s first installment in a projected series adapting the entire Book of Mormon. This may be the first time The Book of Mormon has been adapted to comics. (The Old and New Testaments, of course, have been adapted many times, going back to the Golden Age of comics.) This issue adapts the first 14 chapters of First Nephi. For those not up on their Book of Mormon, there are 15 books, including four called Nephi. The first two are the first books in The Book of Mormon. (The third and fourth, by Nephi’s son, also named Nephi, occur later.) First Nephi contains 22 chapters.

Allred’s art is as inimitable as it is in Madman or X-Statix, but the book lacks his trademark humor. The adaptation is not only straight, it is reverent. No Mr. Gums or Doops here, kids, just religious tales you may never have read before. Laura Allred provides colors with her usual skill, making The Golden Plates an appropriate family affair.

— Jack Abramowitz

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