Bullseye: Greatest Hits

 BUGH   (Marvel, 2004–2005)

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In the typical first issue of a current Marvel comic book, readers are likely to find the following: a slowly paced plot, a title character who doesn’t actually use his or her super-powers (or special skills), a title character who appears in costume only on the cover, and lots of talking heads (usually spouting fairly realistic dialogue). In this respect, if this is what modern readers are looking for, Bullseye: Greatest Hits hits its target (audience) dead center.

Bullseye, who made his mark by killing Elektra in Daredevil #181, sits shackled inside a maximum-security prison cell. A pair of government agents (written as believably likeable by Daniel Way) jumps through all manner of security hoops in order to interview Bullseye about his connection with stolen nukes. To get him to open up, they inquire about his past, only to uncover an origin that is so stereotypical (in terms of comic-book villains) that readers are left wondering if Bullseye is really telling the truth.

Beautifully realistic art complements a routine storyline.

— Brett Weiss

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