NUKL   (Dell, 1965-1966)

and 1965 Dell Publishing Co.

Nukla is one of the slew of nuclear-powered super-heroes to appear in the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies. Nukla was Matthew Gibbs, a U-2 pilot, who was atomized by an atomic blast. Instead of killing him, however, the blast transformed him, giving him the ability to turn into Nukla, the Nuclear Man. Still, a jobs a job, and Gibbs uses his new abilities in the service of his government. Hes still a pilot, but when he transforms into Nukla he gains invisibility, super-strength, nuclear blasts, and the ability to become immaterial. Best yet, any damage done to Gibbs is healed during his transformations.

Nukla is called on to fight cold-war enemies, such as Baron Von Zee (your basic megalomaniacal would-be dictator). The series encompassed a variety of different genres, including super-hero, hard science fiction, undercover government espionage and cold-war adventure. Though highly entertaining, it lasted just four issues in 1966.

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1st Appearance of Nukla; Origin of NuklaJoe GillSal Trapani


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 Joe GillDick Giordano


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 Joe GillDick Giordano


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Final issueJoe GillSteve Ditko