The Mysfits

 MYSW   (Bon-a-gram, 1994)

™ and ©1994 Steven Ting

This is standard super-hero fare, with an alien named Dewey arriving in the office of businessman Howard Keel to warn him about villainous extraterrestrials called the Retrievers. Initially thinking that Dewey is there to kill him, Keel summons the super-hero team the Mysfits for assistance. Keel and the Mysfits immediately learn that Dewey is seeking refuge from the Retrievers. Wasting no time, the Retrievers attack. The Mysfits, while published by a small press, epitomizes the pinup-dominated art styles of early 1990s Image Comics; dialogue is limited compared to the amount of fast-paced action. The Mysfits themselves—Cutback, Echo, and Spur—aren’t distinguishable from the creations of Rob Liefeld and his followers.

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