Planet of Vampires

 PLOV   (Atlas, 1975)


In the year 2010, six astronauts returned home after a long, five-year mission to Mars. When the astronauts touched down, they discovered that war had broken out in their absence, devastating most of Earth.

Mankind had become divided into two societies: an advanced civilization which had ridden out the war safe in their domed cities, and those who were caught outside, reverting to the level of savages. The “domies” took the astronauts in at first, saving them from an attack by the savage outsiders. However, they soon discovered that the refined society of the domes hid a terrifying secret. During the war, biological weapons were released, causing plague. The people on the outside developed a natural immunity, but the domies had not. The domies had taken to draining the blood of captured outsiders in hopes of creating a serum. In effect, the planet has become a world of ruthless savages and “civilized” vampires.

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