Amazing Spider-Man 500 Covers

 ASMC   (Marvel, 2004)

™ and © 2004 Marvel Characters, Inc.

(from the publisher)

Two very special 280-page hardcover volumes in a handsome keepsake slipcase celebrate over 40 years and a landmark 500 issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN by collecting every cover to every issue of the series ... ever! Featuring stunning artwork by comics’ greatest artists from every decade - including Steve Ditko, John Romita Jr. & Sr., John Buscema, Todd McFarlane and J. Scott Campbell - each volume presents 20 years worth of covers, along with information focusing on the highlights of Spider-Man’s career and his impact on popular culture, over each of these 40-plus historical years!

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Hardcover; ca. 2004Jonathan Cooper-Smartt, Kit Kiefer