Bizarre Heroes

    (Kitchen Sink, 1990)
™ and © 1990 Donald Simpson

A group of clones with enhanced abilities battle another set of clones out to destroy them and the lesser humans the bad clones intend to replace. It’s ‘Project Mainstream,’ and only a newspaper columnist, who was cloned against his will by a mad scientist, knows the full secret. Can he find a way to tell the world and help the four clone outcasts without being laughed out of town-let alone killed? And what’s with the guy who almost, but not quite, looks like a mummy?

Created by Don Simpson, this series became a repository for his current series as well as old ideas from high school. First released as a 1990 one-shot, which was later reprinted as issue #0, the full series launched in 1994. It snagged two Eisner and one Harvey nominations before ending at issue #15. Simpson’s other works include Megaton Man.

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