(Malibu, 1993-1994)
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“Up There!…”

All over the world, people have been stricken with the same madness. Some would climb out of the highest windows in skyscrapers, others would attempt to fly their planes above the atmosphere. Strangest of all was Amber Hunt, a member of the Exiles who stood motionless in the air as her body emitted incredible waves of light, shifting from infrared up through the visible spectrum, and threatening to go into the radioactive ultraviolet.

In investigating her case, the entire Ultraverse: Mantra, The Night Man, Sludge, The Solution, The Strangers, Prototype, Freex, Hardcase, Firearm, Prime, Solitaire, Warstrike, and Wrath would find themselves drawn to the Moon…and to the secret of their own powers!

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Takes place after Exiles #4Gerard Jones, Mike W. Barr, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, James D. Hudnall, Tom Mason, George Perez, James Robinson, Len StrazewskiGeorge Pérez

#1 Limited Edition

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Ultra Limited; Foil logoGerard JonesGeorge Pérez


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 Gerard JonesGeorge Pérez