Batman/Aliens II

    (DC, 2003)
ô and © DC Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The follow-up miniseries to the previous meeting of these two fictional icons, Batman/Aliens II once again pits the Dark Knight Detective against the primal killing machines from the depths of space. This time the two meet on Batmanís home turf of Gotham City, after one of the deadly Aliens is let loose from a century-old lab where it had been imprisoned by a mad scientist. The homicidal E.T. made a lasting impression on the Batman when they last met in the deep forests of South America in the classic Batman/Aliens drawn by horror master Bernie Wrightson. Having slaughtered nearly a dozen construction workers who discovered the lab where the Alien was held, the creature has escaped to the abandoned tunnels of Gothamís old pneumatic subway system. Batman is on the hunt and this is one story that is bound to end in a huge battle!

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