Lillith: Demon Princess

    (Antarctic, 1996-1998)
™ and ©1998 Ben Y. Dunn

It’s the old boy-meets-girl story…sort of.

Once upon a time, there was a great battle between Heaven and Hell. Representing Heaven was an archangel named Azara. Fighting for Hell was the warrior goddess Hexa. The two waged a mighty battle which shook the universe. At the end, Hexa was defeated. But instead of slaying her, Azara looked into her eyes, and she into his, and they fell instantly in love. Azara was later slain through treachery, but not before he gave Hexa a daughter named Lilith.

Once grown, Lilith earned a fearsome reputation as the greatest warrior on the Seven Levels. Even though she owed loyalty to Orcus, her mere allegiance was not enough. Through treachery, Orcus framed her for murder (ironically, a crime in Hell). To save her life, Hexa agreed to banishment, and Lillith became his slave.

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#0 Special Cover

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Special limited cover (Lilith flying w/green swish)Ben DunnBen Dunn


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