Planet of Terror (Basil Wolverton’s…)

    (Dark Horse, 1987)
™ and © 1987 Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Basil Wolverton’s distinctive style, a bizarre combination of the grotesque and whimsical, gained a great deal of devotees among comic fans. His career spanned myriad companies and genres. From illustrating Bible stories for religious publishers to the decidedly strange creatures for the covers of DC’s Plop, Wolverton was a significant influence to Robert Crumb and other underground comic artists in the 1960s.

This title presents some of Wolverton’s stories that epitomized the pulp science fiction milieu, replete with bug-eyed monsters and solidly rendered space ships. Also featured is an informative essay about Wolverton’s career by Bill Spicer, and a cover drawn in Wolverton’s characteristic style by writer, Alan Moore.

Mr. Monster’s Weird Tales of the Future by Michael Gilbert similarly celebrated this past master.

— George Haberberger

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Reprints from Journey into Unknown Worlds #7, Marvel Tales #102, Mystic #7, and Weird Tales of the Future #3; B&WBasil WolvertonBasil Wolverton, Monte Wolverton