Clockmaker Act Two

 CLAT   (Image, 2004)

ô and © 2004 Jim Krueger

Losing a family member is hard enough. But for a young woman named Astrid returning to Switzerland after the loss of her father and brother, itís even harder. Astrid learns an incredible family secret: that for many years they have served as guardians for a mammoth underground clockworks, which is responsible for keeping the world rotating on its axis. Moreover, a conspiracy at the heart of this obligation threatens the remainder of her family, as well as her own life. Will the men still loyal to the secret aid her? And can the villain behind their deaths be stopped before the world itself goes to hell, literally?

This gripping tale of responsibility and evil is written by Jim Krueger, best-known for his work on Marvelís Earth X and related titles. Itís drawn by Jason Baroody in a style that brings to mind Mike Mignolaís work.

ó Andy Richardson

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Chapters Five through EightJim KruegerJason Baroody