(AP, 2003)
™ and © 2003 Ricahrd Emms, Phil Littler, & APComics

The shadow of artist J. Scott Campbell creeps up on every page in this goofy hybrid of humor and horror. Like Campbell’s Danger Girl, Slaughter features shapely, adventurous women in fast–paced, comical situations. They also look exactly like girls Campbell would’ve drawn himself with their big eyes, plump breasts, and glossy lips. Set in Prussia in 1764, Slaughter is about two sisters from a wealthy family who hone their fighting skills with one another but are bored in a life of attending balls with unattractive men who aren’ nearly dashing enough for them. One night, their lives are changed after saving one of their parties from a werewolf. Seeking another adrenaline rush, they relocate to Spain to get their kicks.

— Michael Sutton

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