Hellboy: Box Full of Evil

 HBFE   (Dark Horse, 1999)

™ and ©1999 Michael Mignola

A mysterious robbery in an ancient English mansion sets Hellboy and Abe Sapien on the trail of a saint, a warlock, a demon, an archduke of Hell, and a gun-wielding monkey named Count Guarino. This two-issue story draws its influence from the legend of St. Dunstan and how he captured the Devil by the nose with a pair of metal tongs. The crown of the Beast of the Apocalypse is the main prize in a tale perfectly balancing action and occult suspense. Guess who has been asked to wear it? And how is Hellboy’s right hand the key to the bottomless pit? As bonus previews, in typical Mike Mignola style, Lobster Johnson and Roger the Homunculus join the roster.

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