JLA/Haven: Anathema

 JLHC   (DC, 2002)

ô and ©2002 DC Comics

The finale to a series of one shots and a mini-series, JLA/Haven: Anathema pits Earthís Greatest Heroes against the might of the alien dictator, Anathema. The city-sized prison, Haven, crashed into the state of California at the beginning of this story arc as it escaped from thousands of light-years away. Thousands of Havenís super-powered beings perished in the crash and a new breed of hero arose to replace them and to teach their citizens to live free on their adopted planet. The scourge of their former enslavement, Anathema, was not far behind however and in this dramatic one shot, only the combined might of the new Alliance (Havenís assembled heroes) and the JLA can stop her from making Earth the latest victim of her despotic rule.

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 Ashley-Jane Nicolaus, Matthew P. SchusterAriel Olivetti