The Griffin (Amaze Ink)

    (Amaze Ink, 1997)
and 1997 Dan Vado & Norman Felchle

Matt Williams, a.k.a. the Griffin, left his home and his family in 1968 to participate in a super-soldier project that was part of an agreement between the United States government and the ruling body of another galaxy called the Acacian Empire. The Griffin served the Acacians well for over twenty years; eventually, he went AWOL and returned to his home planet, which prompted the Acacians to launch an attack on Earth. The Griffin fought off the invaders and agreed to exile himself from both the Acacian Empire and Earth. Now, he roams the universe with Anarchy, another supersoldier, righting wrongs and missing his home.

This sci-fi series from Dan Vado, Phil Allora, and Amaze Ink is truly entertaining. There is a real sense of urgency, both in the writing and in the artwork, as we await the impending pursuit of Williams and his supersoldier partner by the Acacians.

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