The Song of Mykal: Atlantis Fantasyworld 25th Anniversary Comic

 SOMC   (Atlantis Fantasyworld, 2001)

ô and ©2001 Atlantis Fantasyworld

In 2001, to celebrate a quarter-century in business as a comic book and fantasy store, Santa Cruz, California fixture Atlantis Fantasyworld showed its considerable clout in the industry by assembling this one-shot. Itís both an anniversary edition and a benefit book (all profits from the comic went to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund), and features a host of pinups and short stories from literally dozens of comics pros including Will Eisner (The Spirit) Mart Nodell (creator of the Golden Age Green Lantern), Paul Chadwick (Concrete) Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother), Matt Wagner (Grendel) and others. If you donít know anything about the store, you wonít pick up on any of the in jokes here, but even so, itís an interesting benefit book with a nice gallery of comic art. Neal Adams contributed the striking cover.

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 Brent Anderson, Bruce Costa, Joe Ferrara, Dottie Ferrara, Liz McMullen, Maryanne HuntzingerBatton Lash, Bill Morrison, Brent Anderson, C. Scott Morse, Charles Vess, Darick Robertson, David Mack, Dick Ayers, Jason Lethcoe, Jeff Smith, Jill Thompson, Jim Mahfood, Jon Hastings, Judd Winick, Martin Nodell, Matt Wagner, Mike Kunkel, Paul Chadwick, Will Eisner, Rich Koslowski, Sergio Aragonťs, Steve Lieber, Terry Moore, Stan Sakai, Neal Adams